Letting Go, Opening up

We launched the DIY Repatterning on Nun Karma a year ago, and I’m delighted to know that many hundreds of people have viewed or downloaded or incorporated it into their lives. So it seems like time to look at what this particular Repatterning perspective  has meant to me personally.

Yes, there have been some big changes in this past year. I find intensified spiritual pursuits, exploding creative expression, courage, friendships and an exciting new business opportunity. I’ve moved,  learned how to charge what my work is worth in the bigger marketplace and am excited to be attracting more and more of my ideal clients. I’ve even created another Repatterning book anyone can use (www.foodrepatterning.com ).

What I let go of were the residual vows of obedience, poverty and silence. I stopped hiding my own needs and feelings. Yes, there is the “good of the whole,” and I serve that better by being true to my self (talents, experience, education, intuition) than by obeying outdated rules and authority figures.

Last week I attended the Inaugural Quality Conference sponsored by the Women’s Health Council of RI. I had written their website and all the collateral materials. During the Conference, the over-riding theme – speaker after speaker – was of the need to create a new environment in which desperately needed change could happen in the healthcare industry.

I realized that when you do a Nun Karma Repatterning for yourself or your clients or your friends,  you are creating a new internal environment. One that is free of outdated rules and thinking – so your energy is liberated and you can focus on the new opportunities life holds for you.

Like becoming the leader who helps the seeker in industries like healthcare “drop the silos,” so more integrated modes of thinking and practice can emerge.

I’m wondering how you too may have benefited from this new internal environment?


About Gail Glanville

With nearly 20 years experience as a holistic professional and 10,000+ hours as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Gail delights in helping professional women claim the best of their Nun Karma and let go of the rest. So they prosper, and come away knowing all the reasons why they really, really matter!
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9 Responses to Letting Go, Opening up

  1. I recently downloaded the Nun Karma Repatterning. I have had several breakthroughs since I started working with it.

    I think I downloaded the repatterning Saturday. The last few days I have had some ah ha moments in my work. Note my world is colored by exposure to Matrix Energetics/Richard Bartlett ND DC and The Emotion Code/Dr. Bradley Nelson.

    First. The optimal time for a session can be 50 years ago, 2000 years ago . It is not limited to time of day like I thought.

    Second, if a lot of resistance or ECRs (Energy Constriction Releases) it is easier to switch to using the whole body as a muscle checking tool–at least in my self sessions. Dr. Bradley Nelson explains it in The Emotion Code

    Third. And I am really excited by this. I have had two tuning forks developed by Jonathan Goldman for a few years based on I AM THAT I AM or EHYEH ASHER EHYEH. Today when mcs(muscle checking) for a harmonious frequency I got the idea I needed to check if I needed frequencies related to these tuning forks. I did. In the notes that came with The Tuning Forks, Jonathan says “…there is more power in the vibrations of two objects simultaneously vibrating than there is in one simple vibration..” These Tuning Forks are called The Moses Code tuning forks.

    My training is primarily in Resonance Repatterning® . I follow where my path leads so my work has deviated from its roots. I strongly recommend the Resonance Repatterning® workshops.

    • Ok. It would nice if someone could verify this. It seems when I am using my whole body to Muscle Check–it isn’t related to a General Muscle Check. It seems to be related to the Light Body????????????. So maybe it could be done with the fingers as long as it was identified like a Specific Muscle Check? Will have to experiment.

      • Ok. Things have settled down a bit. We have concepts of past, present, future. I am now consistently using 3 notes off the regular scale for disharmonious notes and for harmonious notes. One note for each concept of time–or something like that. May have to proxy this time for optimal time–which is likely unknown. And for past, present, and future aspects getting benefit from sessions.

  2. Zumi Potts says:

    Thank you Gail, Carolyn and all on the call Monday.
    And many thanks to all who contributed to its success.

    This is a phenomenal repatterning and I have seen positive changes in my life since my first time using it.

    -Increase in ability to charge more for my services instead of feeling constrained.
    -Letting go of business arrangements that left me with the short end of the stick.
    -Speaking up freely about what I trust and believe in, and
    -the increased desire to embrace more of my spiritual self that is trust worthy, as opposed to ‘having to’ through intimidation.

    I also love the idea of branching out from the set curriculum of repatternings from the Institute. There are so many bright, smart and clearly powerful folks, like Linda RainbowWeaver who have the integrity and know how to advance and integrate multi-level healing systems with repatternings. The freedom to do that might initially be intimidating but at this point I think it is required.

    So I embrace this repatterning and and thrilled to be close to the front line to see this expansion.

  3. It seems once I get the message. Things change again. Ok now. When I did my session I didn’t need two harmonious frequencies related to the I AM THAT I AM frequencies–I needed two harmonious frequencies off the regular scale chart. And then I need two disharmonious frequencies off the regular scale chart.

    And then I ended up in a fusion for my child at Conception –one of the Subtle Levels–and doing Invocation of the Unified Chakras. And then doing a diffusion–a subtle level–and Invocation of the Silver Ray

    My muscle checking is a lot clearer since I decided to start checking if muscle checking was for the Lightbody.

    If someone else could experiment with this and give me fedeback it would be great.

  4. Ok. I really want to voice my appreciation for the work you all did and do to put and keep this together. I knew about it (I think I was on a call where Gail and Carolyn were talking about putting the repatterning together), but I didn’t download it until a week ago last Saturday. I have worked with the Repatterning intensely this week. I have given a couple of sessions with it and I have done hours, days even, of self sessions. I admit that I actually felt like I was slogging through energetic mud when I was doing the work.

    The gift of th Nun Karma Release Repatterning for me is that it freed me to follow Spirit more and more into easier and more playful ways to shift energy. Today has been one choice point after another–to the point I have to remember to add “choice point” as a choice.

    The Nun Karma Release Repatterning seems to fit with Chloe’s “Living Your Note” and “Reaching For Your Vision” (from the Internet Radio Show). At least it did for me today. If you don’t already, I’d offer the Nun Karma Release Repatterning as a monthly Repatterning for the RPA (Your association).

    My friend, a pastor, has asked for and received a copy of the Repatterning because he felt that he might have a lot of the same issues. Will be interesting to see where that goes.

    Again thank you so much.


  5. Gail Glanville says:

    Like Linda and Zumi, I too am interested in continuing to explore the multi-dimensional aspects of health, healing and general well-being. And especially for finding new ways to expand the use of the core principles we’ve been trained in.

    Thanks for your input!

  6. I don’t know who else might have a clue what I am talking about and since it seems to have started with the Nun Karma Releasing Repatterning I am sharing it here.

    One of the tools I am using is Sacred Geometry Cards that are channel images from Janosh/the Arcturians. They relate to crop circles.

    I proxied a session for my animal friends, 5 dogs and 2 cats. Orientation to past and future aspects receiving benefits from the session was needed.

    A Sacred geometry card was the modality to shift resonance.

    I did the session, again 3 disharmonious notes, 3 harmonious notes.

    I think a Sacred geometry card was used to shift it.

    I got curious about the 3 notes were.

    I got very specific about what I wanted to know and who I wanted to know it from. I am a reluctant channel.

    I asked “What are the 3 notes”.

    The answer I received was “The Fate Sisters”

    I know the Mythology about Goddesses or beings that weave the threads of a person’s life. I suppose that relates to removing and installing new threads.

    I share this in the hopes that it helps someone else.

    I can’t say I have noticed any physical evidence yet.

    If you have a question you think I should ask, I’ll be happy to try.

  7. Another good question just came up. What do you yearn for (actually got this from a Martha Beck quote–that there is a difference between what you want and what you yearn for). So then you have yearnings. Which contribute to fears, that your mind believes are true. Apparently you also have to accept those yearnings free of….

    I now am using sound frequencies in the brain–in the temporal lobes–which since so much of what I am doing seems to revolve around time makes a kind of sense: Temporal lobes-time.

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