Past Life Trauma, Present Life Obstacles

It’s that thing. You know that thing that you work on endlessly in varying ways and still you have little to no progress. It’s that sticky, stuck, maddening issue that almost makes no sense.

In order to make sense, release trauma and remove the obstacle, we need to look beyond this lifetime and into our karmic past.

I do most of my client sessions over the phone and I’ve learned to trust the feedback and information I receive from all my senses. When I encounter a karmic issue in one of my clients it feels old and it doesn’t match the present patterns of the person I’m speaking with. Genetic family patterns feel quite different. With family patterns the issue feels connected by an invisible line going back in time. Karmic issues just feel old and other. It makes sense that it doesn’t make sense.

When the Nun Karma Repatterning was created by Carol Cannon, Gail Glanville, Kathie Joblin, Nancy Martin, Carolyn Winter and Helene Zahn-Chilberg I was so excited!

When I was 19 I had a past life regression done and it made so much sense and helped me to let go of a significant issue that had been weighing on me. Just knowing the circumstances from the past life and how they related to my present distress created an opening and presented me with a new choice. I was able to choose joy and authenticity over duty and fear.

As a Resonance Repatterning practitioner I was thrilled to learn that this amazing team had created a tool to help people dig deep, find reason and relevance and ultimately release of the old beliefs, vows and karmic patterns that were blocking them from their joy and authenticity.

I work with all kinds of people; healers (western, eastern & alternative) entrepreneurs, creative artists, anyone looking to align more deeply with their own authenticity. What I’ve found is that the Nun Karma Repatterning (listed on my website as Karmic Release) can create a significant and powerful shift for my clients.

It seems that as we grow, develop and awaken the more our old spiritual vows are activated. Once the highest gift we imagined we could offer to God was total abdication of our self, our possessions and our life. Today this vibration of abdication blocks us from our true potential and what we’re able to offer to God and to our world.

Those of us fortunate enough to have become Resonance Repatterning practitioners know that the cannon of work that exists within this extraordinary system is amazing in its ability to create profound shifts for our clients and ourselves. The Nun Karma Repatterning is no exception and yet, in my experience, the impact it has had on my clients seems just that little bit deeper and more profound.

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The Shape of Things to Come – Moons 2017 Webinar Announcement

My grandmother, a farmer, would plan when to transplant the hot house seedlings to the great outdoors, using a chart from the almanac that displayed the moon positions. My grandfather could not argue. She was not alone on knowing that the power of other planets and the moon exerts a frequency that is felt in many ways on planet earth and her crops!   Her knowledge was passed down, no doubt from generations before her.


I have always looked at those charts and got confused.  It is too bad because astrologers maintain that knowledge of the moon positions and other planetary activity can give you an edge on how to best use your energy.  That is about to change for me and I invite you to join me.

I am happy to announce that  tomorrow morning November 22nd 2016,  Astrologer Julie Simmons (aka Mercury retrograde) will lead a Moons for 2017 Workshop online with me at the techy wheel.   It is called The Shape of Things to Come for 2017

Julie  has taught this popular course from her living room, every year for decades. Using your personal chart information she helps you figure out how the moon energy will show up in your chart throughout the following year. There are only so many people that can show up in her living room.. so this year we are working together to bring this lovely workshop to you online!  Attend live on November 22nd at 9:00am Eastern OR at anytime after that with your moon chart information from Julie and the recorded video.   A great way to start 2017.

Use the information you obtain in this workshop together with the NunKarma repatterning to clear more patterns from the past and present.

 Register at my webinar site for $55.00 

With love and light

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Nun Karma Release Repatterning ReLocated!

Nun Karma Webinar

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Nun Karma Webinar – Everything you need to know rolled into one

nunkarmaproductToday I have launched the Webinar version of our NunKarma repatterning.   In this webinar package you will find access to the free repatterning, worksheet, 2 part training video, and a NunKarma session on Prosperity for Healers.  The price is $29.00 CAD and is available for at least 1 year after purchase.

The more you use this repatterning the more you clear.   Let me know if you have any questions.    Register Here 

With light and love
Carolyn Winter


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Do you have Nun Karma to Clear? Take the quiz>>>

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