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With nearly 20 years experience as a holistic professional and 10,000+ hours as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Gail delights in helping professional women claim the best of their Nun Karma and let go of the rest. So they prosper, and come away knowing all the reasons why they really, really matter!

Nun Karma and Conscious Choice, New Tele-Series starts July 14, 2015

You already feel the high frequency energies that are arriving now. You’ve lived them before, though usually within the embrace of sanctuary and sacred circle. One of the old patterns often triggered when these new energies suddenly appear, is that … Continue reading


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with Gail Glanville Conscious creation always begins with an evolutionary idea, Perhaps as a gentle nudge from our highest self or as a light bulb moment when our minds seem open to infinity. Next a feeling image of the idea … Continue reading

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Finding gold in your spiritual intelligence

You remember how Dr. Cristiane Northrup teaches that our financial health is just as important as our physical and mental health? In fact, she writes, “The health and happiness of children and society has been linked time and again to … Continue reading

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Cloistered No More!

Last weekend there was a gathering of 50 or so Resonance Repatterning students, practitioners and teachers at the Empowerment Center in Goshen NY. We had been invited to meet with the founder, Chloe Wordsworth, for some sessions and as it … Continue reading

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2 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

by Gail Glanville, Change Bistro If you have been using the Nun Karma Repatterning      book, I thought you should know about 2 mistakes it’s all too easy to make. They’re ones you probably don’t want to make, and will feel … Continue reading

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