Group Repatterning Sessions Inspired by Self-Help Books

Using a Self-help Book to Create a Repatterning

I have observed that many people read self-help books but are not able to implement their suggestions, despite their good intentions. Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements is a case in point. Here are the “four agreements” – four principles for coherent living:

1. Be impeccable with your word.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

3. Don’t make assumptions.

4. Always do your best.

Reading the book with pencil in hand, I jot down the ideas that the author puts forth as “I” statements – either problems (the negative aspect) or intentions (the positive aspect). I bring these to the group session in case people draw a blank when I ask them about any problems they have implementing these ideas. However, in a group of up to ten people, almost everyone has some experience where one of these agreements is problematical. Their sharing triggers others’ experiences, and soon everyone is contributing to the discussion. Needless to say, their input makes the session personal to them.

I have a basic structure in mind that I have drawn from the repatterning handbooks that involves checking for non-coherent brain waves, disharmonious notes, earlier experience factors, etc. I also check for non-coherent Chakra or Five Element factors. Then I ask the group what they want instead. We do a modality or two, and voila! The statements clear, and the patterns shift.

Doing sessions in this way also gives me opportunities to insert observations about coherence, resonance, and other aspects of the nine keys of Resonance Repatterning; thus it is a learning experience for the participants as well as a healing one.


About kathiejoblin

Born under the sign of Gemini in Toronto, Canada, I am a self-employed energy healer and musician working with sound and light to support people in realizing their potential. I’m an eldest daughter, a wife of 40 years, and a mother of an only son. I’m a loyal friend and a faithful volunteer in my town and on the internet through the World Peace Hologram project which offers free Resonance Repatterning proxy sessions to energize our vision of a peaceful and sustainable world for all.
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