3 Big Problems with Aging

Pain of an aging body, pain of relationships, pain of negative beliefs–is this the vision of your golden years?

Aging is a process that sometimes manifests physically with having less energy, discomfort in joints, less mobility, and chronic illness.  Transformation is possible through energetic tools that shift patterns in your cellular structure from imbalance to balanced well-being. A senior doesn’t have to be a super athlete to feel improvement in function through the way they think and talk.

Relationships are often fragile with seniors as they experience many more losses–careers, family, friends, financial resources, and community supports, in addition to health issues.  Through energetic healing systems, such as Resonance Repatterning®, a coherent orientation and change in perspective can enhance the gift of years.

Negative beliefs are often unconscious and can sabotage the life you want to live.  Addressing this allows the power to identify, locate and transform the non-coherent influences in your body-mind system, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through using the Nun Karma Repatterning and the Power for Aging Well Repatterning.

The repatternings have helped people to do something new, taking a risk for prosperity and service, actualizing their passion, and appreciating more of their wholeness.


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2 Responses to 3 Big Problems with Aging

  1. wordvenom says:

    3 problems with aging, is aging, aging, aging, the best thing is you’re still alive.

  2. nancybmartin says:

    Often being alive and living fully with your wholeness are not synonymous. Being engaged with life, love and health every day is a viable possibility. Identifying unconscious patterns in one’s body-mind system, blocks to the flow of one’s life-force energy, and shifting how they are perceived can create a new world of joy and meaning.

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