About Carolyn Winter


Certified Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®.  

With an educational background in Human Development, 20 years experience as an Executive Director of Social Service Agencies and a proven ability to lead people with success, Carolyn now helps individuals succeed at finding personal happiness and fulfillment.

Fascinated with the fields of consciousness, science and spirituality, she views Resonance Repatterning as a largely undiscovered tool for interior quests that makes practical use of these theories and that anyone can learn to do for themselves. Carolyn has studied and practiced Resonance Repatterning® full time since 1997, providing practical applications of this alternative healing method and new age wisdom to everyday situations, life issues and points of break-though. Carolyn’s interest in collaborating in the Nun Karma Repatterning relates to her world view that we are in the dawning of a new age of understanding where our core values are being shaken in every part of society.

In this Repatterning Carolyn recognizes the need we all have to release what no longer serves us and gracefully make the transition to the next stage of our evolution. For personal consultations or online healing experiences, contact Carolyn Winter in Toronto, Canada.

Programs and Services:

NK Personal

Single Session

Holographic Coaching

Holographic Coaching



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