Lately I’ve become aware of just how much most of us (myself included) continue to hide behind false modesty, being good and a reluctance to fully present our gifts. It’s as though we’re still in veil and wimple. This was pointed out to me by a marketing friend who was evaluating websites I’d written. “They’re fine”, she said, “but you have to stop hiding!”

Aha! She had spotted another aspect of Nun Karma at work! So many of our websites start out with generic language that describes a service. Her website goes boldly to the point: “My name is Kristin Zhivago. I’ve been helping CEOs and entrepreneurs market and sell more effectively for years.”

So I took her advice and have started to root out language that keeps us hidden. One client, Arcady Mediation, no longer starts with a discussion of intractable arguments. Instead it presents the owner right from the beginning as: “I’m a Boston area mediator and conflict resolution coach. I help companies like yours get through the sticky wickets of business conflicts—so you reach new solutions that move you and your company forward.”

Another client now claims her power up front by saying: “I’m an Episcopal priest and a performance consultant. I help executives make better business decisions faster

And my website now begins: “My name is Gail Glanville, and I am a brand makeover coach. I help caring entrepreneurs refresh their identities and marketing strategies when they’ve grown too stale or small.”

I’ve now realized how many layers there are to good girl Nun Karma and how we continue to hide even though we know better, so I hope this insight helps!

Have you fully set aside your veil and wimple? I’d love to know.

Gail Glanville


About Gail Glanville

With nearly 20 years experience as a holistic professional and 10,000+ hours as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Gail delights in helping professional women claim the best of their Nun Karma and let go of the rest. So they prosper, and come away knowing all the reasons why they really, really matter!
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