Changing Your Financial Boundaries

Another aspect of poverty consciousness and nun karma may play out in the financial boundaries we maintain with our family or group.  I remember my grandmother explaining how in her era (circa 1910) in rural Hungary, it was not acceptable for any individual to have their own money.  Instead money was held by the patriarch of the group who decided how it was to be spent and for what.  This is similar to convents in the past where individuals contributed their earnings to the group and made requests for their limited purchases. In one way this is a very earth chakra tribal level of consciousness where the family dictates how the individuals will live.  I surmise that in a convent setting group finances may be more of a Crown chakra pattern of unity and a group mind.

However, in either case whether we have inherited these patterns from our family system (ancestors) or acquired them in a past life nun karma vows, we may be struggling financially by living these unconscious vows or loyalties.  It can be very frustrating as we make goals and intentions for our finances only to fall short of our desires.  In my Money Happens! Group proxy series, participants frequently show up trying to clear this very issue realizing that they almost consciously sabotage financial success.   Sometimes we feel driven to give it away, share it with our parents or just give the money to other family members.  You know you are suffering from a group money pattern if you find yourself asking other family members for permission to spend your own money.  The discomfort we feel when we experience the financial outcome of very little money is over-ridden with an unconscious sense of inner peace that we are still accepted by our family or group,that we are a part of the group.  

If you are experiencing chronic money issues, especially if you have been working hard at job, received promotions, or increases in business, consider how this pattern may be affecting you.  Set an intention for being okay with meeting your own financial goals first before helping others with your money – not as easy as this sounds I am sure.  Try doing the Nun Karma repatterning with this new awareness in mind to clear the issue for yourself.  Then notice what changes occur for you – new insights, new actions or new levels of cooperation from others to support you.

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