St. Cecilia Day Nov 22 Patron Saint of Music and Musicians.

Every year around this time I find that the classical music radio stations have music they don’t play year round and yet sound extraordinary and special.   The Ode to St. Cecilia (affiliate link) is one of those pieces and today I discovered why you might only hear it in November.  November 22 is the official feast day of St. Cecilia the patron Saint of music and musicians.   The story goes St. Cecilia was an early Christian who married Valerian a non christian and brought him round to the novel idea of Christian beliefs.  Together with their friend Tiberius they fought for the right to practice Christianity.  Of course this was enough to get you killed, but it took 3 attempts to kill off poor St. Cecilia and then she earned notoriety by dying while playing music for God.    You can read the whole story about St. Cecelia at

The Karmic Challenge: St. Cecilia’s dedication to the bitter end, is a good example of a karmic vow which was very relevant in her day but may not be what a musician or any other artist needs today in order to achieve their rights to creative self-expression, beliefs or values.   If we take on karmic vows in the presence of God in a past life – they become patterns that follow us around in all subsequent lives unless we clear them.  If you are a musician or other artist this karmic vow may manifest as poverty, silence manifesting as a reluctance to be heard, invisibility, guilt or martyrdom to mention a few.  There are more specific patterns within each of these categories to discover for yourself.

Use the Nun Karma Repatterning: If you are not experiencing the success you desire as a musician or artist after all the work you have invested, like St. Cecilia, you may have made some karmic vow about your music in a past life.   Afterall, music was a very big part of church services and often dedicated to God.   If this triggers something for you,   I encourage you to try the  The Nun Karma Release Repatterning for your own self-healing session.   Whether you have studied resonance repatterning or not, this simple protocol will give you a way to identify your karmic vow patterns that may be holding you back in your career as a musician, a tapping method to release it and simple healing modalities to clear the patterns.  Tapping into the field of intelligence for this day and all the amazing music being played and dedicated by musicians world wide, I can’t help but think St. Cecilia herself will smile on you and send blessings.

With love and light



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