Wired For Wealth – Book Review

Wired for Wealth is a book for anyone seriously healing their money issues.  The Nun Karma Release Repatterning can certainly shift a great deal of energy by looking at the frequency patterns involved in karmic vows of poverty and if you have downloaded and /or done the repatterning you may have already discovered a number of related patterns that impact your money.    You can take your healing process even deeper with additional insights provided by the authors of now several books on financial health including Wired for Wealth by  Brad Klontz and Ted Klonzt along with Rick Kahler.  The Klontz brothers are psychotherapists who have blended their work with financial planning. Rick Kahler is a financial planner who say our money problems are not due to a lack of knowledge or know-how but a kind of DNA wiring in how we think about money. 

In their book, the authors provide the reader with details on the source of our money problems (in this lifetime) which is rarely about the money.  Instead our money problems are scripts that we learn when we are young.  Witnessing how our parents used money is deeply embedded in our psyche.  Did they keep money secrets from each other or enable family members, or buy love with money? Much of what we integrated from this earlier time  is tied to our sense of self, our relationships, power and control issues and our comfort zone for money.  It was the latter that really got my attention.

Unconsciously, we have a money set point for the amount of  money we feel comfortable having.  If we go higher or lower than the set point we do everything we can to get back to what we are used to having. Moreover – and here is the clincher, our set point may be wired to that of our family or group which means that the powerful need for belonging will stop us from going beyond the limits of the group to have a financial situation that is different.     If we have lived without a great deal of money for a long time and suddenly find ourselves with a windfall, chances are we’ll move very fast to get rid of it, but if we don’t members of the group will show up to guilt us into sharing the money or disperse it among the members. We are hard-wired to comply so that we can remain a respected member.  To break the cycle, to use the family constellation terms, is to break the systems limits.  In doing so we may feel the pangs of systemic guilt.   If we recognize the guilt for what it is we can learn to live with it until it fades away and we have integrated a new set point for financial health and well-being.

Money scripts can be inherited from many generations back and the authors provide some great exercises to get in touch with family patterns to help you raise your awareness of them.  You may find doing these exercises and then applying the Nun Karma repatterning to your discoveries a powerful way to excavate and clear very old patterns for financial well-being.  Alternatively, you may wish to have a resonance repatterning session to also clear the patterns you have discovered.  

The book is called Wired for Wealth – Change the Money Mindsets That Keep You Trapped and Unleash Your Wealth Potential. by Brad Klontz, Psy.D., Ted Klontz, PhD., and Rick Kahler, CFP (affiliate link at Amazon.com) .  Visit their website www.YourMentalWealth.com where you will find their latest books and resources to help you shift your money mindset. 



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