Nov 1 (updated with audio) -All Souls Day Nun Karma Repatterning – Telecall

Weeding out a past life karma

Post Script November 8th 

– Our thanks for everyone who joined on on the call last November 1st.    It was a surprising exploration of patterns beginning with career challenges where we feel under-valued  and leading to  past lives as a prostitute and the hardships involved in getting ahead with that karma.   Listen in and repattern yourself if you have been experiencing issues of underemployment and/or challenged to leave this behind.  Click here to listen… – Carolyn

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You could say my imagination is running out of control or that there may be something to this, but in any case, you are welcomed to join my colleague Gail Glanville and I (and hopefully others) for a Nun Karma Repatterning on All Souls Day.

We all love halloween, but traditionally it was a celebration of Hallow’ed Eve – or the night before the Church appointed day of reverence for souls passed on -All Souls Day.    Deepak Chopra talks about the tracks of intention laid down energetically when a place or event is revisited time and time again.  The vibration absorbs the intentions of the travellers and becomes that intention in a certain way.   So with that bit of theory and given how big this event has been in many Christian traditions, I thought it may be a good day to tap into the vibration of nun karma possibly related to this event.

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Looking forward to meeting you on this call and hearing about your Nun Karma Release Experiences.

With love and light,

Carolyn Winter


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