2 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

by Gail Glanville, Change Bistro

If you have been using the Nun Karma Repatterning      book, I thought you should know about 2 mistakes it’s all too easy to make.

They’re ones you probably don’t want to make, and will feel better for correcting. Rather than mistakes, it is more accurate to call them “faulty assumptions that need to be challenged.” Here they are.

Faulty Assumption 1. Everything about the monastic experience, including the self-abnegating vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and reclusive lifestyle practices, needs to be tossed out if we are to achieve success in the 21st century.

Well, the Dalai Lama says that what is most needed now are people who can hold a “global spiritual perspective.” That means that your lifetimes dedicated to inner cultivation and spiritual strength have value today. You probably want to retain these gifts. Even more, become bolder about weaving a spiritual perspective into your work and claiming its value. Timidity is no longer needed but your spirit is. Polish your spirit and let it shine!

Faulty Assumption 2. Victimization automatically accompanies this karmic pattern and there is nothing you can do about it. For example, have you uncovered the limiting belief that you are doomed to poverty because of this pattern? Or that you are unworthy of success?

When you work through this Repatterning on yourself or with others, notice if you are taking the Victim stance (or have slipped into the partner dysfunctions of acting as the Abuser or being the Rescuer).

Challenge this assumption! Shift your focus and let go of your agreement with (or resonance with) the Victim. Any resonance with the Abuser or Rescuer will drop away too—because it is only resonance with the Victim that holds this pattern in place. Then, move into the larger spiritual perspective that is your heritage. This is where you claim your creativity and ability to create an abundant new life for yourself and those you care about.

The modality called “Stepping Out” on page 33 is an ideal antidote for challenging both of these Faulty Assumptions. I think you’ll enjoy it.


About Gail Glanville

With nearly 20 years experience as a holistic professional and 10,000+ hours as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Gail delights in helping professional women claim the best of their Nun Karma and let go of the rest. So they prosper, and come away knowing all the reasons why they really, really matter!
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