Under-valuing our Creativity

After intermittently working on this project for about 15 years, a wonderful poet and musician I know recently brought forth a new one-hour musical story for presentation in a church setting. It received its premiere performance to high acclaim, and was videotaped for posterity. The “starving artist” archetype appeared when the question arose as to pricing for the DVD of the production. The composer found himself inclined to “give away the store,” and sell the video for next to nothing, ignoring or forgetting the hours of work he had invested, and the expenses he had funded along the way.

 How many of us are short-changing our creative efforts?  Could this hark back to a time when someone important in our life failed to appreciate or even devalued what we had done? The Nun Karma Repatterning gives us a way to unplug from this disempowering energy, clear our old beliefs about the (limited or non-existent) value of our creative efforts and to feel OK with appreciating our creations and appropriately setting fees for services or prices for creative works.


About kathiejoblin

Born under the sign of Gemini in Toronto, Canada, I am a self-employed energy healer and musician working with sound and light to support people in realizing their potential. I’m an eldest daughter, a wife of 40 years, and a mother of an only son. I’m a loyal friend and a faithful volunteer in my town and on the internet through the World Peace Hologram project which offers free Resonance Repatterning proxy sessions to energize our vision of a peaceful and sustainable world for all.
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