Nun Karma and Aging

Old vows of the Nun Karma can impact our experience of being an elder in multi-faceted ways—beliefs of unworthiness to prosper, of being undeserving of attention to one’s wisdom, of no longer being useful for work or service in our family, community or globally, of seeing others’ needs having priority over our dreams, to mention just a few of the limiting possibilities. Consciousness and release of these often deeply-seeded obstacles create a new world of choices for living into our wholeness.

We discover we can create a reality of shaping our present and future. We participate in relationships without arrogance or apology. We value who, what and how we are, as well as all the experiences that influenced our process of becoming. We grow in awareness and appreciation of creation that surrounds us externally and internally. Our capacity to love, forgive, vision joy and express gratitude grows exponentially. We find and accept all the challenges that brought us to the gift of our years for ourselves and all around us.


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