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Nun Karma and Conscious Choice, New Tele-Series starts July 14, 2015

You already feel the high frequency energies that are arriving now. You’ve lived them before, though usually within the embrace of sanctuary and sacred circle. One of the old patterns often triggered when these new energies suddenly appear, is that … Continue reading

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The Benedictine Nuns of St. Mary’s – their songs may call up your NK patterns for healing

You know how it is,… Google follows you around the internet studying what you click (Nun Karma Repatterning), one click leads to another and one day recently,  I was then delighted to find out about the Benedictine Nuns of St. … Continue reading

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When Your Reason for Being A Nun is Coherent…

https://twitter.com/carolynwinter/status/479709517148463104 I loved this video and am told she actually won the competition. Carolyn

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with Gail Glanville Conscious creation always begins with an evolutionary idea, Perhaps as a gentle nudge from our highest self or as a light bulb moment when our minds seem open to infinity. Next a feeling image of the idea … Continue reading

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A Nun Who Avoided the 2 Mistakes

A Nun Who Avoided the 2 Mistakes

When I read this Toronto Star Article on the Catholic Church verdict about a nun’s book – “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics” by Sister Margaret Farley I was reminded of Gail’s post below on the 2 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make.   The nun in this story sounds like a great example of someone who has avoided these mistakes – even if you don’t necessarily agree with her work.  The book contains her ideas on sexuality that the church now disagrees with and feels is harmful to the flock.  From my perspective, Sister Margaret Farley and  perhaps her group are acting on their vows to a higher authority, and articulating a global perspective based on vows for a new age of self-realized service to others. Their stand is not an easy one to take and no doubt she is resonating with global evolutionary qualities every religion needs to incorporate to survive. 

On the positive side of nun karma if we make the most of it, we are re-invented for what is known to now be the dawn of another renaissance – the digital information age.   If the story of Sister Margaret Farley’s situation with the church triggers your nun karma issues, take a look at the positive qualities possible in the Nun Karma Repatterning under Global Evolution and Self Realized Service (Pg. 23).    

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

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