A Certified Practitioner and Licensed Healing Arts Practitioner in NC with over 22 years experience in the counseling field, my focus is assisting others to re-claim joy, happiness, and passion in their lives. When we live authentically we bring the true gifts we were meant to manifest into the world. You are one note in the Great Song happening every moment. If you cannot sing (resonate) with the fullness of your divine being, we as the rest of the world suffer the loss of your contribution. You are ESSENTIAL, a necessary part of the beautiful whole. Without you something is missing and cannot be replaced by anyone or anything else. The song is incomplete. Call me to discover, transform, and reclaim what has been lost, hidden, or misplaced so that you can be All that you Are: Extraordinary, Beautiful, Unique,

Phone: 910 431 6678
Address:  Wilmington, NC
Email: eastcoastresonance@gmail.com  


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