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About Joie Jacobsen

I work with people who want to live authentically, who yearn to express freely who they are at their core. If you struggle with who you’re supposed to be I can help identify and clear your struggle, shoulds and fear so you can begin living the real, true, genuine substance of who you are. Assisting clients to explore their stories, motivations and emotions lights me up. It’s a delight for me to be in partnership with my clients, to witness their courage, beauty and grace, to see them gain personal clarity and freedom while they reconnect to their authentic selves, and reclaim their full potential. Joie Jacobsen is a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. and SOURCE Integrative Heart Awareness. YOUR Story; Allegory Healing Meditation, is work that Joie has been exploring and developing for the last 10 years.

Past Life Trauma, Present Life Obstacles

It’s that thing. You know that thing that you work on endlessly in varying ways and still you have little to no progress. It’s that sticky, stuck, maddening issue that almost makes no sense. In order to make sense, release … Continue reading

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