Nun Karma Repatterning for Financial Abundance

Nun Karma Repatterning for Financial Abundance

Many self-employed healers find great fulfillment in their work serving others but not so much when it comes to earning good money doing so. Sometimes there is an inner conflict of values (how can i charge money for helping others heal versus paying bills) or a a tendency to be cloistered away from the real world so that only a small group knows about your services.  For many just hearing the title NUN KARMA speaks volumes about a pattern you know you need to clear.

In my role as Online Coordinator, at, I frequently hear about this need from practitioners.  Recently I hosted an Ozardis community event doing this repatterning.   Whether you have done this for yourself many times before or the first time, join me in this repatterning session to clear what ever karmic issues come up for you.

Recorded  (May 17th 2014) hosted at  – we will repattern our professional goal in relation to these karmic patterns.  Click on the video link about to visit the page and download the work book to follow along.

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