Nun Karma and Mercury Retrograde

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On August 2, 2011 astrologers tell us that the planet Mercury goes retrograde for the second time this year. Every retrograde gives us an opportunity to slow down, put things in order, de-clutter etc and other actions depending on where Mercury is situated on the astrological calendar.

According to my colleague astrologer Julie Simmons, this Mercury retrograde continues on a theme of ‘the end of the end and not quite the beginning of the beginning. Chaos, change and revolution.’ ..writes Julie Simmons in her recent post. This may well be a great time to reflect on the Nun Karma patterns operating in our life as an outmoded thought pattern we need to let go of.

For example, many people carry a consciousness of poverty and while they strive for a healthier financial outlook, have difficulty doing so. When sudden money shows ups (inheritance, lottery, unexpected back pay) they can’t put it toward their own personal financial goals or security.  They feel compelled to give it away to family, particularly parents, or friends or perhaps charitable causes.  The deeper the karmic bond the faster they part with that new found money.   The sticky  underlying pattern is a systemic loyalty with our old relationship to the divine, governed by an outgrown level of consciousness.   It is our past life thinking operating in real time today! The karmic vow of poverty is no longer relevant but we suffer it consequences just the same.

This Mercury retrograde (August 2-26th) offers the opportunity to examine these patterns and reflect on how they are showing up in our lives. Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to let go of an entrenched pattern and plan for a new one.   The Nun Karma repatterning will provide you with many ideas on the type of past life karmic pattern you are holding.   

Reflecting on the Mercury retrograde aspects coming up together with your Nun karma patterns may help you achieve new insights and awareness of the things your energy system is now ready to let go of.  Doing this type of inner work may trigger some resistance.  Who wants to let go of an old habitual way of thinking?  But if we do the work by August 26th we’ll be recharged with a great new perspective for our lives.

With light and love

Carolyn Winter


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