About Gail Glanville


 As a Certified Practitioner with a background in advertising and small business ownership, I teach evolutionary holistic professionals how to write about and market their work. When I learned about Nun Karma from John Wyrick, I realized I’d uncovered one big reason why it’s so hard for many healers to market themselves. But I needed a way to bridge the esoteric idea of Nun Karma and the reality of marketing your personal brand today. So this Repatterning was born. It has been co-created with this wonderful group of skilled practitioners and fellow adventurers (working collaboratively on a google docs site) to whom I am extremely grateful. Together, we have agreed that this ebook version of Nun Karma would always be shared for free…with the hope that it flies around the world in support of the core shifts people are experiencing everywhere! I’m happy to give you a deeper experience of this or any Repatterning, as well as  helping you craft your professional identity and overcome the hurdles to marketing yourself (so the world benefits from all that you have to offer)! Sign up for my newsletter at http://www.changebistro.com for information on marketing teleseminars, on-line and print copy writing, private sessions and special collaborative events like this one.


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