Patterns leftover from a past life

Seen Heard ValuedTRANSFORM A Vow of Silence – I cannot raise my voice or speak out loud on my behalf… TO  A Vow of Relationship – I am seen, heard and valued.”

How often have you attended a meeting, participated in a group or some aspect of your family and social life where you were unable to speak your mind?  Do you have a clenched feeling in your stomach that let’s you know you are anxious or afraid to speak out?  Do you rely on others to represent your point of view in a group discussion?

Chances are that you are carrying over past life patterns we call Nun Karma.   Vows of obedience and silence may have followed you to this life.  Your vows of silence may have served your soul well in a past life, but not this one – especially if it hold you back from living your potential.

You may have done a great deal of personal work to clear up your pattern and wonder why it is still an issue.  From a Nun Karma point of view, solemn vows made in a past life before God or creator transcend lifetimes unless we consciously address the matter.    One way to address this pattern is to do our Nun Karma repatterning  – a do it yourself healing method that will help you shift a pattern.   Typically Resonance Repatterning practitioners use this repatterning with the Resonance Repatterning System and the key tool of Muscle Checking.   However, rather than learn the Resonance Repatterning system  we’ve designed the instructions so that anyone can repattern themselves, and discern the patterns using a ‘felt sense.’ .   Sign up for the repatterning kit and give it a try!

Let your voice be heard!

With love and light

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Scientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death

Interesting theory.  I wonder how this fits with past lives?  One soul through many universes?

Scientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death.

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Interview With Gail Glanville – A Nun Karma Conversation [Video]

Welcome back to NunKarma! Join me for this awesome conversation with Gail Glanville.  NunKarma is more relevant than ever.

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Clear a past life pattern related to vows

TRANSFORM A Vow of Silence – “I cannot raise my voice or speak out loud on my behalf”… TO  A New Vow of Relationship – “I am seen, heard and valued.”

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Nun Karma and Conscious Choice, New Tele-Series starts July 14, 2015

Flying cranes

You already feel the high frequency energies that are arriving now. You’ve lived them before, though usually within the embrace of sanctuary and sacred circle.

One of the old patterns often triggered when these new energies suddenly appear, is that of having to conform to the rules of an Order. Or an Institution. Or a hierarchical organization.

Yes, you may feel the urge to step out into something new.
But uncertainty arises when there are no ancient rules to guide you and your purpose is unclear.

Like an animal that has lost its sense of smell, it can feel frightening to make a choice, any choice, without guidance from the kindness of your safe sanctuary and sacred circle.

That’s why this next group of Tel-Experiences continues the Mattering Series for Old Soul Holistic Professionals. You’ll move through yesterday’s stories of Nun Karma into today’s conscious choice of a higher frequency, more purposeful and prosperous path.

Wielding the power of resonance, you’ll “de-institutionalize.” And clear fear. And claim the truth of, not how, but why you really, really matter now.

Big smile!

PS: Yes, private sessions are always available for your purposeful growth and prosperous change.

PPS: The “Nun Karma Repatterning” has traveled around the world and been among the most popular ever created. Carolyn Winter, President of the Repatterning Practitioner’s Association, is taking over the management of this free download (

So it seems especially timely to thank Carolyn and to honor the Repatterning in this new series designed with Old Soul Holistic Professionals like you in mind. Time to clear the eons-old, highly resonant patterns of poverty and obedience, and consciously choose the new path, filled with wonder, that is opening up for you today!

This new story and Tel-Experience series explores not how you matter but WHY you matter, releases the ancient fear of bringing your truth into the world today, and converts old patterns of Nun Karma into the wonder of Conscious Choice.

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