Is Your Life Purpose Challenged? – Resonate with Your Soul Vision of Fulfillment

 If a past life karma has kept you tied to an old evolutionary pattern of seclusion, guilt, martyrdom, or invisibility etc you may be experiencing this as a lack of clarity for your soul’s purpose in this current life and especially at this time in history.   The information and digital age is changing paradigms and systems at a rapid rate.   Printed things like books and newspapers are falling out of favor for cheaper online versions, music is more popular now on mp3’s and we are connected to each other in time and space by a variety of mobile devices not just a computer.  The global economies are replacing daytime soap operas for real life drama, and regimes are being challenged by the masses supported by Twitter feeds.  Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama cannot be kept from a celebration for Desmond Tutu in South Africa– Google Plus connected him with their version of Skype for the world to see.  Visit to view the video.    Last week the passing of the iconic Steve Jobs of Apple Inc, caused many especially in the tech world to question what they are doing with their lives and their purpose.   Perhaps those with lingering Nun Karma are also feeling the same.

In a past generation and/or  life times our purpose was largely defined for us.  We were told by virtue of our social class, economic standing or education or other parameters who we are, what to believe, and what our purpose in life was to be.  All that has changed of course in the last 50 years, but never more powerfully than with the advent of the digital age where anyone with a social network can be their own broadcaster.   Fast forward to this lifetime and today.  It can be a very difficult time if outdated karmic vows are keeping us loyal to an old system, group or belief system where our purpose is defined for us and our lives are laid out from there.  If we were raised with a particular set of beliefs, rules or understanding of what life and our place in it was about, we feel loyal, innocent and good if we stick to these ideas. However, a changing world around us may make that difficult to maintain.  Really difficult!

Our confusion around purpose may have more to do with having one foot in the past and another in the digital age.  You might think – okay – all I have to do is renounce the past life karma or old regimes however, if the new way of being doesn’t have a new soul purpose defined we’ll definitely feel confused. Each new wave of technology and accompanying social change will leave our purpose  feeling fuzzy at best. 

After releasing karmic vows we need new vows for a soul vision of fulfillment that meets with the demands of the age that is upon us and allows us to contribute in a meaningful way.

If your soul’s purpose needs a little help, try doing the Nun Karma Repatterning beginning with a statement of what you feel your purpose is as far as  you know it today.  Go through the repatterning as directed but focus particularly on the statements on page 24 point #12 for Soul Vision of Fulfillment and select the statements that feel right for you at this moment.  Just reading the statements may help you find clarity in your true purpose or at the very least invoke a new perspective. 

I will be doing another free Nun Karma repatterning this time via Google + Hangouts on October 15th at  4:15PM Eastern.   A Hangout as I mentioned above is Google’s version of Skype – so you will be able to see me with a webcam (and I will see you!).  It’s pretty easy – actually easier than other similar things I have used.   Everyone is welcome to attend but you’ll need a Google Plus account to get there.   Read the announcement post for all the details.

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