nunkarma postcard front_img_1Release Lifetimes of Limiting Solemn Vows
Made as nuns, monks and renunciates
And lead the edge of  evolution today!

Free Repatterning Download


Free Repatterning Download +  Workbook + Instructional Webinar $29.99(Cad)

Release lifetimes of limiting solemn vows made as nuns, monks and renunciates,
and lead the edge of evolution today.


An open-source DIY Re-patterning ebook created by Carol Cannon, Gail Glanville, Kathie Joblin, Nancy Martin, Carolyn Winter and Helene Zahn-Chilberg.
Edited by Gail Glanville  – Certified Practitioners of the Resonance Repatterning system.

A spiritual consecration in which one is irrevocably set apart through a state of absolute surrender of self to a higher authority. All right to ownership of goods or property is relinquished. For many people, especially men, this commitment is taken to heart at a deep and irreversible level. Until now.

Isn’t it time for a change! This Nun Karma Repatterning creates a bridge between releasing unwanted vows (especially the vow of poverty) and creating meaningful lives and professions in the 21st Century. Anyone can use it and benefit.

Old Karmic experiences can be fruitful and beneficial, or they can limit us today as we evolve our inner divinity and prosper in the world.

Most Karmic patterns are not held at physical, emotional and mental levels. They’re held and activated at the Lightbody level—the subtle soul level that exists beyond our physical, emotional and mental bodies. These Lightbody patterns include the residual imprinting from solemn vows we have taken in other lifetimes. They can also come in with our holographic family lineages and generational patterns.

The more we grow in conscious evolution towards the higher frequencies of light and spirit, the more our old spiritual vows are reactivated.

So the more we clear these old patterns, vows and ties from our subtle levels, the more effective we become in our present day life and work (and so do all others).

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  1. Just getting to this, Carolyn. Thanks for sending me the download. See you soon, Lutia

  2. Kaarisa B Karley says:

    I have studied Resonance repatterning with Chloe… years ago when it was called Holographic repatterning.. and am with a friend who showed me this Nun Repatterning book. I love it! Any chance I can buy a hard copy? it’s brilliant. thanks kaarisa

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